I hear this a lot:

"I'd really love to read your books, but I can't take them on the bus."

No worries. Help is here. You'll need four things: a stretchy book cover (I found mine at a thrift store for 75 cents each),

some cardboard (from shoebox, shipping box, etc.), a pencil, and scissors

Step 1: Set book on cardboard, use pencil to draw a line around it. Cut out two pieces of cardboard the approximate size of the book. Why? Paperback covers are relatively flimsy--they'll bend if you try to use the cloth cover without some protection for the book.

Step 2: Fit your pieces of cardboard into the stretchy book cover.

Step 3: Now ease the novel's cover between the cardboard backing and the cloth.

Step 4 (optional): If, like mine, your cloth cover is a little big, you can cut a strip of cardboard and use it to take up the slack at the spine. Not necessary, just looks neater.

And voila--a book you can take anywhere!