Ask the Black Unicorn for help!
(The Black Unicorn)

Ask The Black Unicorn: FSA DS Edition
The Black Unicorn knows the darkest secrets in the darkest corners of the hearts of cyclists...the question is, can he be trusted to divulge them? Honesty and trustworthiness are sooooo White Unicorn. Still, if you're having trouble picking your team, who better to ask? Pour a libation on the ground, enter the name of a rider you're considering in the box below, and see what he says.

Incidentally, speaking of libations and offerings, someone is still a little short on their payment for last year. Better settle up before Het Nieuwsblad, or you never know what might happen...

Not sure you're ready to deal with the dark side? Perhaps you want the White Unicorn instead. Done picking your team and just want to jinx someone? Go to the original Ask the Black Unicorn.

"Magic 8 Ball" code by Tony Kepler; this version modified from one copyright © 1997-2000 A Girl's World Productions, Inc. All rights reserved.

Sadly, the "Good vs. Evil Unicorn" Play Set is not currently available at Archie McPhee. Go shop there anyway.