Ask the White Unicorn for help!
(The White Unicorn)

Ask The White Unicorn: FSA DS Edition
Oh, Dear and Noble White Unicorn...please help me choose my team!

Yes, the White Unicorn loves cycling--and you!--so much that he is willing to turn his attention away from helping orphans and the down-trodden of all lands, to the construction of your virtual cycling team. Just enter the name of the rider under consideration into the box below, and see what he has to say.

Usual disclaimer: the White Unicorn is utterly and completely trustworthy, so if by some chance he gives advice and it fails to come true, then it is obviously your fault. Perhaps your heart isn't quite as pure as it could be, but if you try really hard I'm sure you'll be worthy of help next time. It's also rumored that the White Unicorn is, well, perhaps a little naive. That may or may not color his assessment of certain riders. But you can be sure  he'll do his best to help you!


Thoughts not so pure? Maybe you want to try the Black Unicorn. Done picking your team and just want some help ensuring their success? Go to the original Ask the White Unicorn.


"Magic 8 Ball" code by Tony Kepler; this version modified from one copyright © 1997-2000 A Girl's World Productions, Inc. All rights reserved.

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