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How to waste time when you're supposed to be writing (or, why should I be the only one?)

More as I find them...feel free to drop me a line with your favorites. Note: currently in the process of fixing or removing dead links--soon they'll all work!

'Tis the season: Halloween Hangman! Thanks to Michael for sending me the link. Also, curses upon Michael for sending me the link. This is way too much fun!

Additional generators to keep you unproductive for hours An evil friend alerted me to the Generator Blog. It has links to dozens of fascinating time-wasters, such as The Academy Award Acceptance Speech Generator, Alien Limerick Generator, Apathetic Online Journal Entry Generator...and those are just some of the A's. May the Muse have pity on us all.

Special for the Donut Boy: What kind of a donut are you? 
You Are a Boston Creme Donut
You have a tough exterior. No one wants to mess with you.
But on the inside, you're a total pushover and completely soft.
You're a traditionalist, and you don't change easily.
You're likely to eat the same doughnut every morning, and pout if it's sold out.

Lulu Titlescorer Curious as to how your book title stacks up?  Go here to find its chances of becoming a best seller! Price has a 69% chance; one of my other favorite titles only makes it to 10.2%.

Just in time for Halloween... Check out this trio of ghost cams! Live views of haunted places:

Willard Library in Evansville, Indiana. Look for the Gray Lady in the Research Room, Children's Room, and basement.

Abandoned Hospital. Brought to you by the Oklahoma City Ghost Club.

The USS Lexington. A handsome blue-eyed sailor in summer whites haunts the engine room of this retired vessel... Sigh. Throw in a little forbidden love, and I've got my next novel...

Like 'em live instead? Try WildCam Africa. From National Geographic, live streaming video of a Pete's Pond in Botswana. Utterly hypnotic. As I write this, I keep switching over to watch the elephants. Was I supposed to be working today?

Maim That Tune Finally! A sure-fire way to unstick an annoying song from your head...let the Maimograph Machine replace it with something even worse. Here you go! Yet more thanks to Keith

Having a bad day? Hurl lightning bolts at people, cattle, and parachuting sheep and you might just feel better. Let the world feel your Wrath (technically: Wrath II, with new weapons every level). Thanks to Heather.

Create your own South Park character here

Here's mine:

Thanks to Keith for finding this site!

Badger, badger, badger, badger... Hypnotic time-waster, waster, waster, waster.

Speaking of small furry animals: Find out your squirrel name here.

Other name generators: Hobbit, Star Wars, pirate, nerd, Viking, porn star, cyborg, Mafia...or what the heck, just head for  the Name Generator Generator and create your own name generator.

Revisions going badly? Take it all out...

on haggis

on penguins

on George Bush (don't hit the Queen!)

How compatible are you? Match yourself with your favorite celebrities, or see how well your characters mesh at Love Compatibility Test. Jamie and Stephen have a fair chance of success, which doesn't surprise me. Interestingly, Dean and Rob are at a mere 20.5% compatibility under those names, but if their real/full names are entered, they soar up to 65.5%. The guys in my new WIP are the most compatible yet, at 91.5%.

A selection of movie quizzes from Channel 4 Film. I hate these people. Not only am I behind on revisions, but I was supposed to go grocery shopping this morning.

The blasted helicopter game.

Boggler An online version of Boggle. Tends to use the same letters, so gets monotonous after oh, a few weeks.

Strip poker (grownups only, please!) Beat the pants off Pierre or Sabrina at Starpoker.

Probably the coolest set of pop culture links you'll ever see gathered into one place. Thank you, Dr. Mullins.

Fo shizzle my what? If you're still wondering why everybody laughed when the bar was called "The Dirty Sanchez" in Dodgeball, Urban Dictionary.com is the place to go.

Googlewhacking This is how you play: go to Google, type in two words that seem like an unlikely match to you. Do not use quotation marks. If you come up with exactly one hit, you get to record your very own Googlewhack! Words must be between 4 and 30 letters long, must be recognized by Google as words (your dictionary doesn't count--only theirs does), the single page hit cannot be a word list or dictionary page. Full rules here.


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